A New Game

I'm currently looking around for some input that will go into my idle think-tank while I'm finishing up Chrono Trigger. These are the three titles I currently have on deck and my mood can go after either one at this point. It should be obvious to anyone who frequents here that I'm quite incapable of simply going after them one after the other, I'm far too obsessive for that. I really want to punctuate the remainder of this year with whatever I choose. That includes the respective title's art, music, play, etc. Policenauts will no doubt lead to Snatcher and design musings that have grown with Kojima throughout the latest Metal Gear games. Earthbound will most likely draw me into its surrounding two brothers and Deus Ex seems like annother optimal choice for me since I'm enjoying digging around in influential P.C. games so much.

P.S. Playtime with Thief hasn't stopped either. I'll be sprinkling it across whatever I end up choosing. I'm currently playing through Deadly Shadows at the moment and will most likely be looking very closely at that and the reception I'm predicting for Assassin's Creed 2.

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