Video Game Fragmentation

With Geek Culture Terrorism, I only saw one fundamental problem with the concept itself and that was fragmentation. I only passingly acknowledged it in the post because it was a can of worms I didn't want to open. Recently however, Lou Lantos pointed it out to me --- leaving me no choice but to address it to some extent.


"It could use news, but the flexibility of the concept I'm proposing would be geared towards having delicately-handled previews/interviews (because there is an inherent danger from looking behind the scenes too much), techniques, and advice given from the industry's own virtuosos."

'Twas the only acknowledgement I manged to give it, which was a mistake on my part. The inherent danger I described is hypothetical but likely in that it will cause partial (if not complete) separation from the game itself. Given the infantile state of the medium (most notably its auteurs and audiences), it may not be healthy to inject this kind of ambition right now. It could effectively stunt our games' growth (isn't it already kind of stunted though?). When we begin looking in too many directions, the cacophony introduced could prove to be fatal.


With the separation of a game's various artistic works (visuals, sounds, mechanics, etc.), there's a default level of appreciation for the talent that created whatever work might lay in question.

Do we disregard the process of analysis/exploration in leiu of enjoyment? Not if such enjoyment is contingent on the exploration itself. Since this race is defined by its innate to desire to explore, I'm willing to accept that over the false construct granted by shooting directly for happiness instead. It is far overrated in terms of applying meaning to things in this world, and like I stated in VGA 8-3, 90% of people typically stop at happiness when it comes to announcing meaning in their lives.


So in order to continue my own little path of exploration, I'm evolving the DFB entries I've been doing over a year even further --- to incorporate an obsessionist eye across a game's music, aesthetics, and various mechanics (in addition to what I've already established with DFB of course). Digging For Beauty is now Shattered Perversion. I may be trying hold the entirety a two liter of Sprite in cupped hands here, but I'd honestly rather fail at that --- hell, I'd be honored to.

P.S. I'm beginning to lean toward Earthbound as my pick from yesterday's post --- if you haven't figured it out yet.


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