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I'm just gonna cross-post a forum entry I made on NeoGAF earlier this year that I kept adding to bit by bit as time passed[1]. I made it to the 100th bullet point this morning---so that's got to count for something, right?

  1. I can't believe that anybody expected anything more from Mass Effect 3's ending, given what they've been treated to since 2007.
  2. I enjoyed the original Assassin's Creed game more than any of the other subsequent entries I played.
  3. I haven't played one home console-based (I'm not including handhelds with this) JRPG in this generation that wasn't a throw-in-the-trunk-and-never-look-at-again kind of experience. Xenoblade Chronicles is the mascot for the genre's failure this past six years.
  4. TES IV: Oblivion is a terrible slog.
  5. Uncharted is fun, but it is far from a masterpiece. Same goes for Halo.
  6. Wind Waker HD is the dumbest thing I've seen Nintendo fans get excited for this year seeing as its original art style made it the Zelda most equipped to not need an HD remake.
  7. As much as I love the series, I really hate hearing about any new Metal Gear game that's coming out. Kojima needs to move the f*#k on. That said, Rising isn't some narrative interloper meant to destroy canon. It almost scratches the itch I've had since playing Naked Snake's dream in Metal Gear Solid 3.
  8. The two Western made Silent Hill games are fine and people need to stop with the pedestalizing of the prior entries.
  9. I hope something terrible happens with the new consoles causing a major shift in the industry. I don't care what it is. I just want it to happen.
  10. Resident Evil 4 ruined EVERYTHING.
  11. Hitman: Absolution was was a better game than all but two of the prior Hitman games.
  12. People who get overly excited over the concept of open-world mechanics in their games make me depressed.
  13. Okami is the best Zelda now. Skyward Sword wasn't just terrible, it was an outright offense to the very concepts its series helped pioneer, and is the cockpit in the rapidly descending plane of the Zelda franchise.
  14. DmC is great. It was a completely unnecessary and an utterly abysmal outsourcing/audience-gaining/audience-pandering experiment, but it was great.
  15. I generally like it when PC gamers suffer.
  16. Far Cry 3 is a joke.
  17. The Last Guardian & FFXIII:V offer no purpose for me now other than to satiate a sick amusement. I don't care if they come out and are the second coming of Jesus at this point, I'm over them.
  18. NieR needs a sequel or some kind of spiritual successor. I'd trade the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise for another entry in the Drakengard/NieR universe.
  19. Nintendefenders are far worse than Sonic fans.
  20. Too Human was---okay. More relevant here is that Denis Dyack isn't Satan. 
  21. Excitement for the next console generation is an abomination in thought processes. 
  22. Lords of Shadow & Heavenly Sword are both better experiences than any God of War game.
  23. Dishonored was disappointing and was at best only fluff in its contribution and worth to the stealth genre.
  24. I've yet to play a game where I significantly valued the keyboard & mouse over the controller. Nope, not even an RTS.
  25. Devil May Cry 2 isn't the absolute travesty most fans would have you believe. It's just boring and bland compared to the other entries.
  26. BioShock 2 was a better experience than BioShock. Both games have no value in the face of System Shock 2, which they're 10 and 7 years older than respectively, which is just plain sad.
  27. Chrono Trigger can suck it. I hold no love or nostalgia for that game.
  28. Solid Snake is a more interesting and admirable character than Naked Snake. The latter isn't tragic or misunderstood, he's just a selfish punk.
  29. Both online Final Fantasies are easily the best entries in that entire series.
  30. Resident Evil: Outbreak was enjoyable.
  31. People who personally identify with any game, console, or development house to the extent where they are just an extended marketing party are sad and I would like to give them all a hug.
  32. Beyond Good & Evil gets way too much attention for things it didn't really do THAT damn well.
  33. I'd have been perfectly fine if we never saw another Pokemon handheld game again after generation IV.
  34. Sonic CD is a tacky f#$king mess and I don't understand any of the praise for it.
  35. It seems that I'm not as behind or 'for' the indie movement as most people are these days. I can name very few that excite me because of something 'fresh' or innovative they're bringing to the table. That AAA gaming has gone down the toilet shouldn't really count as a mark in favor for them, but apparently that's the way it went.
  36. Exaltation/prioritization of video content around video games is a sad reminder of how lazy and unfocused the gaming community really is.
  37. I actually enjoy my Wii U.
  38. Metal Gear ain't got S#%t on Kingdom Hearts in having a convoluted mess of story and lore as the main draw for playing it.
  39. The only worthwhile gaming community I've come across in over twenty years is the Earthbound/Mother community. The rest can go rot in a hole somewhere.
  40. BioShock Infinite is a large step backwards for the the game clique it's supposedly a part of.
  41. Platinum Games doesn't crap gold like most people seem to think.
  42. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey kind of stunk.
  43. Grand Theft Auto games aren't remotely as subversive as people try to peg them as.
  44. I don't get much entertainment from MOBAs, be it watching or playing them.
  45. Most of the Sonic games after 2000 didn't set as low of a bar as people love to harp on.
  46. Anybody on any video game forum ever that has used the phrase 'objective' should usually just be shoved off a seaside cliff.
  47. On that same note, the drive/call for most 'discussion' around video games rarely has any lasting value. There's no actual discourse happening these days, even by people who actually know what they're talking about. Just people with fragile egos trying to one-up one another and feel better about their day. Knowledge is further being militarized rather than imparted.
  48. I really detest Antichamber.
  49. I've rarely enjoyed any title developed by Bethesda or Bioware in the long term.
  50. The Last of Us only addressed one or two (out of a dozen) problems I've had with the big cinematic Naughty Dog games...and they didn't even particularly address them well.
  51. Players that only care about 'fun' and 'gameplay' are a big part of this industry's many, many----many problems.
  52. I like 2012's Tomb Raider more than any of its predecessors, period.
  53. The majority of mods I see people championing in games are really lame.
  54. As much as I hated the path the X-Box One was on, I preferred it to the 180 that it turned. I trust Microsoft even less than I did before, which is kind of surprising even to me.
  55. Silent protagonists are almost never the anything.
  56. Majora's Mask is an odd duck and does a lot of things that would benefit the Legend of Zelda franchise at large, but people have romanticized it to the point of lunacy now.
  57. The term 'true gamer' should be illegal.
  58. People that still want a mature and dark Legend of Zelda game are part a big part of Legend of Zelda's problem.
  59. Discussions around the academic knowledge-base and sociological value dynamics for games carry more weight with me than another weekly hyperbolic conversation about how "why X is holding my attention this week" ad nauseum. 
  60. 'Fans' for anything are just plain bad news. The gaming audience is good example for why.
  61. Collectively, most of the industry needs to GTFO its Japan fetish.
  62. As genre/market dynamic currently stands, give me a subscription-based MMO over a F2P one any day of the damn week. Latter has way too much work to do before I can earnestly invest any sort of time, interest, or money into it.
  63. I'm perversely into the effect the world 'entitlement' has on some of you people, and will wield it like a child with cap gun.
  64. Immersion in the manner some of you idolize is an absolute crock.
  65. Anybody taking consumer morality to the absolute extreme (which is quite common these days) should be promptly ignored or disregarded.
  66. Participating in sentiments like hype awareness and then turning around to brandish the world 'casual'---the irony is not lost on me. I enjoy seeing those ignorant to it.
  67. As genre/market dynamic currently stands, give me a subscription-based MMO over a F2P one any day of the damn week.
  68. I've rarely ever cared about framerate.
  69. I've rarely ever cared about resolution.
  70. The obsession with the business side of the industry is laughable at best and dangerous at worst.
  71. While I've enjoyed both Witcher games to some extent, I've never gotten to the point where either clicked for me in the manner that would justify the commonly held high regard people seem to have for it.
  72. I can't play Skyrim for more than ten hours without needing to take a year off from it each time I do. Mods only save the game so far as cheats save a Grand Theft Auto title.
  73. While I agree with the statement that the Souls games 'aren't for everybody' I've yet to see many coherent explanations that explain why a person may not like it and not simply a thinly veiled attempt to mask their own shortcomings (e.g. "I'm an impatient snot, I don't like this game---yadda yadda roundabout rationalizations").
  74. I don't care if Half Life 3 ever comes out.
  75. Sausage-fests do make entire medium worse for it, be it general discourse or development.
  76. Nostalgia is dangerous.
  77. I'd sacrifice every single Final Fantasy game if it meant any of the Xenogames (excluding Xenoblade) could have been developed to their fullest extent.
  78. Very few cyberpunk games exist at all (if any, which I'm only reserving because I've obviously not played everything). And before you say it, none of the Deus Ex games count either.
  79. While Nintendo probably saved the entire industry way back when by re-branding video games as a cousin of toys, every single video-game-related thing after that point suffered a slow and agonizing decay because of it.
  80. Animal Crossing on consoles is an absolute trainwreck.
  81. Every Sonic game, even in this day in age is more interesting than any Mario game. Certainly not as well designed, but always more interesting.
  82. As conservative and dogmatically traditional as some Eastern design tenants are, I still much prefer them collectively to their Western counterparts---which are increasingly becoming more obnoxious and grating to me.
  83. Play the "different strokes"/"to each his own" card all you want, I'll never understand mentality of people that obsessively min-max in games.
  84. People that get hypersensitive about others criticizing certain games for being 'big dumb fun' deserve all the pain they're caused.
  85. Collectors, I just don't get it. 
  86. Prince of Persia 2008 was lovely.
  87. Link to the Past was okay and just okay.
  88. Amnesia isn't scary so much as it is a annoyingly hamstringing Achluophobia simulator.
  89. I find Miiverse more entertaining than anything I've experienced on X-Box Live or Playstation Network.
  90. Send me online in a first person shooter (no matter how well designed) and I'll probably only play it for a night. Give me an even moderately designed third person shooter and I'll probably play it online for years.
  91. On that note, Metal Gear Online is probably the best online third person shooter we've had in the past seven years, totally hidden by terrible network infrastructure and an abysmal registration process. As much as I loved Gears of War, I'd trade it all in a second were the former competently implemented.
  92. If you're going out of your way to avoid "difficult" discussions when it comes to games, I'm avoiding you.
  93. That people follow Let's Plays and other video content for the personalities is a double-edged sword, and I'm not 100% on that choo choo train either.
  94. Making a celebrity out of any developer, critic, or youtuber is indicative of how superficial all of us are.
  95. Turning that around, our will to demonize the same bunch of people is just as troubling. 
  96. I loved the Dreamcast, I even partially share the cult-sentiment it's gained now, but I'm glad it died and I'm even more joyful that Sega dug their own grave to end up where they are now.
  97. X-Box Live is truly the greatest offense done to us by Microsoft.
  98. I have no truly fond memories of the SNES.
  99. Super Mario Bros. 2 is a seriously terrifying game. 
  100. Games are an art that deserve to have every aspect of their merit in that regard questioned and ridiculed.

1. Here's the original post:  [link]

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