Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Standards, Time, and Variety | Final Fantasy XIV

So yeah, I've been heavily invested in Final Fantasy XIV's development. The online Final Fantasies intrigue me for a bunch of admittedly finely tuned personal points, but I'm starting to notice some things about what it means to even play one of these things now.

It's become rather odd that someone like me could loyally stand behind something so contingent on aspects of the gaming community that I deplore, but I do and pragmatically speaking it's one of the few games doing interesting things outside systems and mechanics as well. An MMO (at least in how the genre standard has become set for the past ten years) has become a big melting pot of madness.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Ever since Metal Gear Solid 2, I've had a rather love/hate relationship not with the series, but with people's grasp on it. As many problems as I have had with how Kojima has handled things over the years, they pale in comparison to the weariness I feel for 'defending' the series at this point. This is wrongheaded on two accounts. First is the grasp that I've only recently let go of in the past few years and that's feeling like I am defending or excusing the series for a myriad of things.