Saturday, December 31, 2016

“A Final Fantasy game for fans and first-timers.”

I guess this is sentence will count as your spoiler alert.

As of last week, I’m pretty confident that I’ve hit the point where I’ve seen everything that I think I’m going to want to see in Final Fantasy XV’s universe. We’ll see if one of the updates that Square recently detailed will interest me enough to boot it back up, but I’m skeptical as of now.

Final Fantasy XV is simultaneously a confusing clusterfuck of disappointments and a handful of intriguing steps for the series. What began in 2009 for me was being sold on the premise of something I’ve wanted since I was a child, a Final Fantasy game with a real-time combat system (even if it was only a spin-off at the time). Instead it entered a prolonged state of development hell and was eventually re-purposed as Final Fantasy XV.

That ‘process’ took ten years and what we ended up with is a mess as far as I’m concerned. It’s not an offensively bad mess, but definitely one I’m flabbergasted whenever I just sit and think about it.
What it was, what it is and what it could have been are so separate it’s fantastic.

So what is it?

2016 Biggest Surprise, 2017's Biggest Hope

I definitely did not expect this to be my personal game of 2016.

Dragon Quest Builders is a game that while flawed, wears those blemishes on its sleeve. It upends the lore of the first game in the series and runs with it to deliver one of the more endearing times I've had with a game this year.