Apprehension ~ Explore ~ Expectation

I've been pretty outspoken on my apprehensiveness for a new Metal Gear for a while now. With Kojima going all "carrot-stick-tease" on us, I've been a little miffed, mostly because I don't know what the hell to expect. I tend to get apprehensive towards this specific kind of reveal as it's a direct allusion to the industry as it is. Catering to the whims of gamers and fans, even by announcing another sequel which I'm sure to love, just rubs me in all the wrong places. With the experience developers are crafting (especially ones such as Kojima & co.), some of us need refractory periods now. Watching everyone push the hype-boat along just tends to make me even more angry than I am and I end up hiding it behind apprehension towards a game I have no fucking clue about in the first place.

Here's a quick list of things off the top of my head concerning this "title", just so people are clear where I stand.

1 - Raiden - I've enjoyed his presence since Metal Gear Solid 2, so if this game turns out to star him, I'll be optimistic for it. However, I will become more skeptical if the game sets things to occur later in his life (e.g. after the Big Shell Occurrence). Ideally, I'd love to see a game portraying his relationship with Solidus during the Liberian Civil War. He was the captain of the "Small-Boy Unit" and known as the "The White Devil". If the game uses this as the grounds for it's new setting, I'd be humbled. If Kojima has enough balls to turn a child soldier into the main character of another of his war-themed games, it could cause a lot of ruckus that I'd enjoy looking at (let alone play). Though the child-soldier thing is highly unlikely, it's still a possibility at this point.


2 - Grey Fox - Fox is another character I'd love to see in his younger years. Being that most of his talents and ideals were formulated by Big Boss, he's a crucial character in the franchise, despite only being prominently featured in one game (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake). All his other roles relegated him to a minor and novel presence (i.e. Portable Ops, MGS-PSX, iconic legacy used as visages in all the Solid games as the "cybernetic ninja"). Yeah, that's a debatable topic in itself, but this is my page so fuck you. I'd also like to see more focus on his visual makeup. In my opinion, he's one of the coolest looking characters in the entire franchise, period (German-American & Vietnamese parents). I'd be interested to see if the development team could push a character like him in the starring role without it devolving into a typical hack-and-slasher (as he's always been more of ninja-like agent). After all, apart from Big Boss, this is the man that taught Solid Snake everything he knew.

3 - Make It You Jerks - I want to know exactly who is working on this game and how involved Kojima will actually be. Not simply because I want to offload judgment on anything, but because I want to know where to place my expectations. That's not such a bad thing is it? I also want to know who will be driving the art direction because as far as I know, Guns of the Patriots was Shinkawa's swan song as being the creative director. Knowing whether or not if Kojima is simply supervising or actually helping to develop the game (HYPOCRITICALLY-FOR-THE-FOURTH-TIME) will allow me to start putting pins on my map of expectations for this game.


4 - Big Boss - Generally speaking, Naked Snake is the most important character in the entire franchise, despite only being the main character in one game. If this new title manages to properly flesh out his back-story while keeping everything else in perspective, well what can I say to poo-poo that? This is the most plausible direction that the franchise could go in, because there's simply too much room in Big Boss' life, making him a well that's far from running dry. The effect he had on everything he came across was surpassed only by The Boss herself, and she should remain nothing more his maternal icon. Being that he ultimately failed to honor her will (which Solid Snake had to help his sorry ass with in the end =p ), the possibilities are endless for what can happen regarding his story. The only clone that really measured up to being an outright duplicate of Big Boss was Solidus, and placing him in a leading role would be odd unless Raiden was significantly involved as well. The best part about Big Boss' back story is simply the freedom of establishing the past that the prior games so cleverly exalted beyond belief.

5 - Fake-Out-You-Fuckers - What I'll forever honor Kojima for is if this is all one big ruse pointing the media and gamers in one direction, while he pops an entirely new IP out of his ass. I share in other's sentiment of wanting another ZOE. Given that I'm set to play Snatcher for the first time in the coming months, I'm sure I'll be blessed if this turns out to be a new entry into that world as well. This is personally where my hopes and desires lie for this title, but we'll see how it turns out next week.


As long as Metal Gear doesn't turn into Kojima's blatant cash-cow, I won't be forced to hunt the man down and kill him myself (Some creators just need to know when to stop working on their own shit). Like I've already stated across over the internet today, if I ever meet Kojima in real-life, I'm going to kick him in the damn shins...


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