VGA ~ 6-2 ~ Anonymous Violence: The Splendor of Hell

Yesterday, I read a post modestly lamenting the lack of empathy that’s currently self-perpetuating itself across the Internet. It was inspiring no doubt, but the twist I took from it was quite predictable on my part. Take a good look at the title of this blog and you’ll probably able to see exactly where I’m going with this. To shrink the topic down to a more fitting space for the sake of a gaming blog, I’ll keep it as concise and on point as I can (considering this is me we’re talking about).

Establishment #1 ~ The Person ~ A capable animal with a capacity for intelligence and accomplishment.
Establishment #2 ~ The People ~ A vile disgusting collective-will with no drive or purpose in “its” life (other than self-preservation that is).


In reference to the aforementioned post, I have to sketch out that my stance on it is as such:

I don’t believe it (humanity) and I never will. I’ve yet to see anything in my life time (which to be fair, hasn’t been that long) that has established a sound foundation for a my belief in the human race. I stalwartly stand against any ideal which professes that people should or even can be better than they currently are. Just looking at the history (or even the news for that matter) is enough for me to sit back with an enthralled smile my face. Something that I can truly count on (now more than ever) is “our” own failure. To quickly recap, we’ve raped continents and cultures; we’ve also enslaved races and even attempted genocide multiple times throughout the past 200 years alone. I absolutely detest the identity that some people place on their respective cultures, but I find it fascinating that just as shy as sixty years ago, I wouldn’t even be allowed the magnificent malice that drives a blog such as this. No matter what culture, science, or denomination of religion someone places faith in, there’s ALWAYS one constant, the people’s capacity for the grotesque standard we’re inherently trapped into attempting to suppress. The wild irony is the aforementioned second establishment up there. The person, be it a scientist, civil rights activist, hell---even the son of God himself; they have all suffered at the hands of people. This is what makes us beautiful, our ability to destroy (or create within that destruction if you’re an optimist).

Despite the distortions and inconsistencies concerning of the myth of Lucifer, it’s always been my chosen understanding (I think it’s one of the Iranian myths) that he was an angel thrown out of heaven for loving God too much. Any creature that refuses to bow to man is okay in my eyes.

Any of our entertainment arenas now only serve tributaries of consciousness flowing into the divine simulacrum at large. We find conflict enjoyable and anything that simulates our own gathered misery is what’s served as best examples for our own image. Video-games are no different, as 95% of games are basically hinged off some form conflict or goal-from-accomplishment. That other five percent only maintains a twisted sort of balance as the person. Any rare game that does happen to surface as pure experience or exploration gets caught in the crossfire of “anonymous violence” (that pseudo objective aim that will proclaim any game on a good2bad scale).

Gamers have become fueled with an untempered, undeserving, and devolved cynicism nowadays. This is what gives no face to the trenchant remarks, snarkiness, and digital violence populating the gamer population now (the identity of the asshole him/herself is irrelevant at this level). It [internet-gaming value-construct] is based off a broken system that will only work competently on its own (the fanboy inside me compels you to examine the correlations between Big Boss/Cloned Sons and this sentence). I do think that gamers will be forced to evolve in the future as the relevance of a digital lifestyle takes its toll on our race (i.e. imagine if etiquette were someday implemented as updated social mores through something like Twitter). When people realize that we’re all fucked up from the beginning---well things won’t get “better”, but it will graciously relieve some the pressure out of an already full balloon (at least until something else decides to come along and start blowing air in it again). Beating that metaphor even further, all the Internet is responsible for is forging the balloon’s material to be a bit thicker. We’re still full-bore when it comes to huffing and puffing in it ourselves. This reality probably is more relevant now than it ever was before. The day will come when an idea can become as powerful as we’d like it to be, it’s just not right now.

All the banalities and challenges that throw wrenches into corrupt morality and value systems are as important to the value system as the idealistic stances themselves. The ugly helps to validate the beautiful (therefore the ugly is beautiful).

Isn’t it ironic that I go out of my way to challenge thoughts and contentions that would oppose my own? The irony is that I still maintain a very small fanbase of readers that help me develop my own ideas (exactly what I want by the way). I very rarely get flamed for what I’m actually talking about because what it takes to criticize me automatically requires the mandatory presence of generating introspective thought processes, something very few people are even capable of anymore (anything that's far beyond an superficial opinion anyway). Even more significant is that this or the idea of this delegates the presence of the anonymous violence. People that expose their subjective presence are commonly not equipped to defend themselves nor have they fully developed their own ideas yet (not to mention they’re very insecure, possessing weak egos more often than not).

Seven Things We're All Invested In These Days

I ~ Pride ~ Superbia [Latin] ~ Look at How We Treat Our Own Scribes


This is something I’m still terrible at myself because I can honestly say I find myself ignoring more journalists that I pay attention to now. Their voices have to be read in specific contexts which I can’t really respect that much as far as consistency goes nowadays. I pick a few that I reasonably enjoy and I either lurk around their network or obsessively extract subtext from their work itself for my own purposes. On the whole though, I’ve seen the dilettantes of hell lambaste them for no other reason than the Internet allows them to do so (there’s no will or purpose behind it that’s beyond the superficial). Complementing that, I share a similarly potent disdain for those that would kiss-ass without any will to contest said journalist’s work, lazily adapting the professional’s opinion into their own perceptive matrix. Beyond that (or below it), we still have the fundamental corruptions rendering commonplace value systems obsolete. Example? Look at how gender still manages to confuse and cause strife amongst game journalists and their audience. Considering that the bulk of the trash was up in arms about a certain woman licking a PSP not too long ago, it’s a wonder we have a writer such as Leigh Alexander at all (which many are still bitching about mind you). You gamers are an overindulging bunch, and you’re spoiled well beyond your years, most of you anyway.

II ~ Gluttony ~ Gula [Latin] ~ Look at How Most of Us Play


This is also what gives rise to many people’s burnout-periods for games. What happens when you eat too much? You get sick, plain and simple. It should be a given that we don’t have to play every single thing we can get our hands on, but it still isn’t. Not just that, but the primary symptom of this becomes the ratio of brand new to already-released titles that people play. I’m not saying developers aren’t doing admirable (or even amazing work), but it’s not like we can tell the difference at this point. Luckily, more and more players are learning to play outside the current ages, but it’s not enough in regard to the grand scheme of this industry. Gluttonous Gaming is of no use in to me anymore and I'm proud of that.

III ~ Lust ~Luxuria [Latin] ~ Look at the Limitations of Representation


This is not simply in the superficial sense that plenty of females have overly large breasts and men have burliness to put Atlas to shame. It goes a little further than that, extending into how people have perceived sex as a whole. This has in turn created one very large manufacturing filter for what we have now. Be it movies, traditional art, or games (music once again gets a mark of honor here), all are mainly populated by obtuse superficialities and acute misrepresentation of sex in general. Why do you think titles like Silent Hill 2 are aging so gracefully? Really mull that one out and you should arrive at the conclusion that it’s a title which is fairly modest in its own sexually-thematic accomplishment. The concept of Silent Hill in general has an opportunity in which it has failed at thrice now to capture. The day sex is represented half-decently in video-games is the day that the current social mores of sex are redefined entirely. I should also note that I consider online gaming the equivalent to one big orgy. Go laugh at that irony.

IV ~ Sloth ~ Acedia [Latin] ~ Look at All The Ignorance Around Us


This comes from a fault that is surprise, NOT OURS (w00t). This stems from our surrounding society. These are gatherings of ignorance that would seek to criticize games on any ground with very limited to no grasp of them at all. Anything Ebert has said falls into this category, much like the hypocritical bureaucratic politicians and dozens of parents that hold no true care for what their children play. It rains on the just and unjust alike. Responsibility gets handed around to the ignorance and engaged alike.

V ~ Envy ~ Invidia [Latin] ~ Look at What We Want


This is a dual ideal with two meanings, both in the cursory and in-depth. The cursory being the obvious jealously gamers express amongst themselves. This is the jealously of the attention any one blogger or voice gets, what games your friend may or may not have/collect, and even the newly emergent hostility toward the casual audience (for fear of infringement upon the “hardcore”). The more comprehensive side of this would seek to serve as an adjunct to my Expericism doctrine (as does most of this post really). Anyway, what I’m referring to is “Selfish Experiencism”. Transferring or pedestalizing experiences in comparison to now distorts the context and is unfair to the age we live in. The best example I can think of this would be the typical retro-gamer who puts their past experiences on a pedestal in lieu of attempting to actually envy that time period or age they were in when enjoying that first experience.

VI ~ Greed ~ Avaritia [Latin] ~ Look at What We’re Helping to Financially Aid

“Boss... You were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... The way it is.” – Big Boss in reference to The Boss' memory

We all desire to play everything we can get our hands on now, plain and simple. We live in an industry that’s being raised by consumerism and this is the price for it. Even outside the U.S.’s crippled economy, the onus is our own, especially when supporting already recognized problems such as “sequelitis”. On both sides of the fence this is apparent as I don’t think anyone will argue that industry has a misappropriated balance when it comes to its business priorities. We helped build our culture and the money that governs it, and when anyone complains about it, they’re typically just showing selfish perceptions that have no place among the voices worth listening to.

VII ~ Wrath ~ Ira [Latin] ~ Look at Me


See…everything SnakeLinkSonic (me) has ever written. I really shouldn’t have to clarify beyond that. I consider myself (among other things) a terrible ideal of vengeance, punishment, and retribution for my own little two cents in the industry.

As long as people refuse to bathe in the primordial sludge of ideals that numerous video-games have proven time and time again to possess, they will continue to be traitors to their own cause.

This was certainly not about attacking Mr. Calacanis’s stance (not as a goal anyway), but when someone jumps on the other end of the see-saw, I get disturbed on my own. Nine times out of ten, a perceived issue such as this will remain a simple problem of balance. I get in a snit when people try to weigh down whichever side with either righteous or perverse rage.

“Never strive for better, strive for balance. Anything deviating from that destroys us all.”--- Mine


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