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Raiden: "What you do isn't grassroots activism. It's more like terrorism."
Solid Snake "I admit that..."

For some reason, that quote jumped out to me when writing this post --- heh.

Anyway, about a week ago, I started bitching about the total lack of a 'dedicated' game-art sites through Twitter. In reality...I was just pissed because I couldn't find the name of the artist for the game I was looking at, but that manifested in what this post is here for; which I thought was a pretty good idea. Unfortunately I don't have the money for it, so I was just 'type-screaming' to whoever was online to steal my idea (as should you). Basically, I would like to see a site that's specifically a game focused merger of sites such as CreativeUncut [gallery], deviantART [interaction], and [community]. Ironic that it's taking the goddamn misanthrope to point something communal like this out, but I actually think that validates the point in itself if you're following me. I demand any kind of site that focuses directly on the musicians, artists, and modelers themselves. It could use news, but the flexibility of the concept I'm proposing would be geared towards having delicately-handled previews/interviews (because there is an inherent danger from looking behind the scenes too much), techniques, and advice given from the industry's own virtuosos.

Of course it would take a lot of money, expertise, and management (not to mention the ability to trek through various countries to meet artists hidden in the backwaters of various Asian and European areas). Since I can't do it, I emphasize the demand for it now (picture a 5 year old jumping up and down in a tantrum). Particularly for U.S. audiences, it could not only resonate as a top-tier website, but also inspire an entire new generation of artists (and actually give them something more to do). Let's not forget it would realistically put us in touch with the guys behind the names we already know and are sick of hearing of (i.e. Amano, Uematsu, Shinkawa, etc.). I guarantee that those guys don't do EVERYTHING there is when it comes to their respective title's artistic direction.

The only time Americans even get access to artbooks for example, is through various conventions, and not everyone is equipped to attend those things, be it financially, physically, or ideologically (*apathetically points to the top of blog again*). It's either that or importing, which is a big pain in the ass to anyone that doesn't do it regularly already. Music in this sense is slightly better, but only slightly. Considering how the scores of games have grown, the only reason not to have this type of site is if the artists collectively rise up to denounce it (which is the only thing that will make me deter me from this desire). As the futile argument of 'games as art' wanes, the potency of artistic ingredients for these games is increasing; thus the need for insight in this category is mandatory from my perspective. Hell, one could even place writers in this category as well, those guys are are playing around in an arena so young, it's still running around with an umbilical cord.

So to drive the point home, I'm going to stick up some uploads I made today from various games which have come across as being 'artistically aware' in some capacity. Keep in mind that these are just the big titles as well, which plays right into my point that they should only be many among a crowd of others. Since I have no regard for various (*coughuselesscough*) rules and the like, be sure to tell me if any of these uploads fail, become broken, or are cancelled and I'll re-upload. If worst comes to worst, contact me directly and I'll find some way to send them to you. Contact info is at on the know over there. --------------->

Though I am abrasively uploading the digital copies, I do advocate buying the tangible copies if you can. The usefulness to both enthusiasts and actual artists revolves around having both these days truth be told (i.e. I actually use 'The Art of Metal Gear Solid' like a visual bible in some cases). I'm not on the digital train enough to cast off the worth of having physical copies of these if you can FIND THEM WITHOUT FUCKING HACKING OFF YOUR LEG AND OFFERING IT TO GOD. ^_^

Anyway, click the links below to get to the files.

The Ōkami: Official Complete Works

It's ironic that when games are announced as 'killers' they rarely do so, yet when they actually DO bear some semblance to making it a reality, nobody ever mentions it. Okami was the Zelda killer for me in 2006, and that's coming from someone who loved Twilight Princess too. Kiss my ass Nintendo fellators. This book spells that out on every page why and how.

Click here to download.

Shadow of the Colossus Official Artbook

Everyone has grown quite fond of Ueda and his team now and these books will showcase why. Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus made use of a look that stuck --- hard.

Click here to download.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2

My favorite I don't really feel like writing anymore on that note. Just click here for that can of worms. For this collection however, I strongly urge to look at it in conjunction with this interview on Konami's website; Shinkawa himself walks through the various images in the book, describing his processes as he goes along.

Click here to download.

Xenogears: Perfect Works

I don't think I have to reiterate how much I loved Xenogears upon playing it earlier this year and this is the most comprehensive book for the game that was ever released. Detailed enough so that it will please even Xenosaga fans as well. This is the English scanalation too, so need to worry about the translations.

Click here to download.

Valkyria Chronicles Collection

This is just a collection I downloaded online and is mixed with some character images as well. The visuals of Valkyria Chronicles are definitely something charming to look at, even when you disregard entirely what most have settled on being a nice tactical RPG for 'starving' Playstation 3 owners.

Click here to download.

Yoshitaka Amano Collection

This isn't really an official artbook or anything, it's just a collection of images I saved from various sites and whatnot. I actually have large stashes of random Final Fantasy artwork stored in any number of places around here, but this is currently the only one I have on my hard drive. Anyway, Amano is a must, he's given Final Fantasy it's ethereal appeal that's intertwined itself into the series overall visual style. He was also a subtle inspiration for Shinkawa. The majority of the images are his handiwork, though I know that there are a few in here which he definitely did not do.

Click here to download.

The fact that it's practically easier to pirate the 'Art of Metal Gear Solid 2' (among most of these) than actually purchase it should make someone feel ashamed somewhere. That's why I linked to the torrent above instead. To assuage my assedry there, I'll post the Amazon link here.


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