Sketch #1 | Raiden c. 2014

In addition to working on a project with Yen24, I've looped myself back into sketching. Instead of publishing to sites like deviantART though, I think I'm better left to lurking there. Instead, I'll post whatever game-related sketches I'm working on here from now on. So...

Mine (pictured right) is inspired partially by MGS fangirl, Maddie.

It's also inspired from Shinkawa's illustration of the cyborg ninja (pictured left); there's still much work left to be done though. Raiden's cyborg fatigues in MGS4 left him looking a little huskier, so that's all this sketch was designed to play towards (meaning it's very probable I'll just trash this version and build him back up from scratch). I still have some positioning and posturing left to work on (I also plan to ink it too). If it turns out how I want it to look, I may do a similar piece with Null (aka Gray Fox, aka Cyborg Ninja) as well.


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