Like I'd ever formally announce taking break, but yes I am taking one.

My take on Assassin's Creed 2 is still coming, though I may keep pushing that back until I have a 'certain ingredient' I wish to add to it. Much reading has been done over the past month, but I haven't touched much of anything since finishing it (AC2). I have played around with the StarCraft 2 beta (and have been on a kick with the original game as well), but I want to withhold my opinions on that for the time being. My gaze has curiously been on Xenoblade and of course --- Peace Walker, but only time will tell where I go with those.

Looking at the outlook I had planned at the beginning of last year has urged me to delve into an even deeper minimalist/obsessionist style of play (I think the only one I even touched on that list was Xenogears, and I'm perfectly content with that). After Assaassin's Creed 2, I intend to move towards Diablo 2 (while Metal Gear May will have its usual presence for me). Still not quite on the Sonic 4 train just yet, but I am curious to say the most. I'm not promising to even put that on my list to play this year, which is saying something, considering I'm potentially getting precisely what I want there.

I've already finished the GaA series as well, I just need to get around to cleaning/posting the last four.

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