I'm Back...

I suppose I could apologize for the extended hiatus, but we all know that wouldn't be very sincere---now would it? The holidays were full of weird things on my end, and the most prominent of them was that there was actual paying work floating around so I snatched it. Any of my spare time was obviously spent buried in my Tumblr, shouting obscenities and firing off random sparks of hatred. The good news is that I actually played quite a few things between November and now, certainly more than enough to gallantly ride straight into 2011 here. I'll open with the first in my next post. I just wanted to use tonight to metaphorically burst my hand from the ground in front of the gravestone that's been 'Misanthropic Gamer' for the past few months (though my views have surprisingly stayed consistent for whatever reason).

As intrigued as I am to see what games like Catherine and Deus Ex: Human Revolution offer, I don't really see myself  looking to purchase them right now (which isn't surprising all, considering the number of day-one stuff I've picked up in the past two years). In fact, the only blip on my radar is the upcoming Pokémon Black, which is rather ironic considering the targeted number of bitchy posts I did late last year regarding the series at large. It's that same traditionalist structure I'm actually looking forward to burying a couple hundred of hours into this year. If it just so happens that it actually is the game of change I described a while back, then we can officially announce that the world is determined to undermine me in the most ironic possible way (which I can live with).

Obviously, I'm not interested in the 3DS or PSP2 apart from conjecture and theory, but I will be absolutely mortified if Sony actually pulls the same crap that they did with the Playstation 3 (i.e. putting out an overly expensive feature-ridden machine which will spend years trailing its competition).

Hmm, let see---oh yes, I was interested in Mass Effect 2 for about two hours, but then got lazy and spent an entire night on the series' Wikia, destroying any  incentive I had to actually purchase the title (which was a hard sell in itself---buying a full priced game that's already a year old). Apart from that, a lot of the stuff that I would pay attention to for this year is actually kind of hanging in limbo in terms of even being released here over the next eleven months, if ever (e.g. Xenoblade).

That's essentially it for right now, a quick blurb on where I've been, where I am, and what I'm currently doing. There will also probably be an update tomorrow as well sometime.  

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