Sketch #3 Amaterasu + Shiranui

I recently cleaned out all of my pre-2010 artwork and threw the rest of it away (all that's left sketch/mechanics-wise is what's in the posted sketchbook). The main reason for such a massive purge was that I decided to turn over a new leaf with my work, as I've always avoided posting any of my finished artwork online (which is why the illustration/painting section of my blog has been neglected for the past year). These days I'm in a far more playful/apathetic mood about how the Internet consumes such things (to clarify, I've never been concerned so much with artists rights as I've been with the entirety of how art is perceived in the particular space of the Internet), so even that section of my e-corner will start to fill up soon.

I decided to cap off the release of that irritation by fleshing out one of the old sketches, which is what I've posted today. Chosen mainly because I recently purchased Okamiden and am slowly making my way through it, this is a mixture of the visage between Shiranui & Amaterasu (which are honestly the same being regarded as different creatures due to the perception of 'incarnations'), I basically jammed the imagery I had of the two together and got this. A far less feral looking canine, but still much less reserved than what Amaterasu would normally appear as.

...and she's pissed because, well---I just like angry women. ;)

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