May the RNG Reign, May the Min-Maxer Die

"Zombies in REmake can actually take anywhere between five and nine shots to drop. Add to that some more RNG elements such as headshots and staggers and you'll see that our mental model isn't really valid. Our fate is in the hands of random numbers, thrown out by the game engine. that realization removes certainty from the equation and uncertainty is at the core of suspense in video-games. The Min-maxer in all of us wants to plan out our moves carefully. We want hard numbers and predictable mechanics so that we can reliably exploit game systems. Resident Evil hides even its most basic mechanics to make that impossible. It robs us of any comfort because despite whatever perception we may have in our heads, there is very little certainty in Resident Evil."

[game array] - Resident Evil and The Art of Suspense [link]

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